Roofs, Walls And Floors


Each garden office supplier has their own preferred roof finish. They chose by cost, performance and appearance.

garden office roofA downside of most garden buildings is that you and the neighbours will end up looking at roof when you look out of an upstairs window. So, if you can afford a good quality roofing it will improve the view.

The most attractive finishes are cedar shingles, slate or a living roof (as long as you weed it regularly!). however, these are also the most expensive.

Metal roofs can look very good in the right setting. If you won’t be able to see the roof of your building, then a high quality rubber or man made roofing membrane would work well.


There are four main options for office walls:

plastered wallsPlastered walls provide a substantial, smooth base for decoration.

Dry lined walls also provide a good surface for emulsion paint or even wallpaper, but don’t have a skimmed plaster finish.

Vinyl lining board. an internal wallboard with a vinyl coating on it.

Tongue and groove wood paneling. This is an attractive option in a garden building and can be painted white to give a seaside feel.


Make sure that the structural floor of your garden office is strong enough to support all of your furniture and belongs and that it doesn’t wobble or creak when you walk on it.  you will need an even stronger floor for you if you want to put heavy, specialist equipment in your building.

Many suppliers include a laminate or other type of floor covering in the price of their garden offices. This is good, but don’t let it distract you from the quality of the floor underneath. don’t forget that laminate floors come in many different qualities. Ask to see a flooring sample before you commit yourself.

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