garden room

Garden offices vary greatly in price depending upon quality and size.

Expect to pay anything from £5,000 to £20,000 for a small garden office.

Prices for a medium to large sized garden office will be anything from £12,000 upwards, depending upon the quality of the build and bespoke features.

They sky is the limit for insulated and double glazed garden buildings, which is why its important to research the market carefully and view buildings before buying.

What influences garden office price?

The elements that influence prices are:

  1. Design
  2. Construction method
  3. Materials
  4. Delivery costs
  5. Longevity of the building
  6. Standard of craftsmanship
  7. Level of service provided by supplier

What’s included in the cost of an insulated garden building?

These are the basic elements that you should expect to get for your money. Some suppliers offer much more and others offer less.

  1. Building design – either a standard range of buildings or bespoke designs
  2. Building construction on and/or off site, depending upon the type of building.
  3. Insulation in walls, floor and ceiling.
  4. All necessary building materials – you would expect all materials to be included and not have to pay extra for a roof, or for wall finishes and so on.
  5. Double glazed windows and doors – a building that you are going to heat needs double glazing.
  6. Internal electrics – including some or all of the following: lots of sockets, data point, and low energy lighting.
  7. A good quality finish on the internal walls.
  8. Project management – making sure that you get the right building in the right place at the right time
  9. A guarantee.

Foundations for garden offices

garden room prices and designs
A real building needs real foundations. Time and money invested in foundations are at the core of a well designed garden office. Some office suppliers include a simple foundation suitable for a lightweight building in their prices. A more permanent garden office will require more sophisticated foundations.

Find out if there is a foundation system included with your building. If not, what has to be done to get foundations and how much will they cost?

Design and styling

Some companies offer bespoke designs. This is a good solution if you want a more expensive, personalised building. A bespoke garden office can be re-proportioned, ceilings made higher or lower, windows and doors moved and made bigger or made smaller.

Don’t ask a garden building company to step too far out of their house style as they may not have the necessary design skills. Don’t expect a company that specialises in traditional looking buildings to suddenly produce a contemporary design for you. Search for a company that already provides the look you want, or, if you are intending to spend a lot of money, employ an architect.

Adding a loo to your garden office

garden office with loo
This will make your building more adaptable in the future. Budget approx £1,500 to £2,000 to include internal walls, a window,door, water heater, loo, wash basin, light fitting and extractor fan.

And if you’d like a shower

Budget around £2,500 to £3,500 for a shower room – this should include internal walls, shower cubicle, window, door, water heater, electric shower, loo, wash basin, light fitting, extractor fan.

If you want to add a loo or shower room the drainage will add approximately anything between £1500 and £5000 to the cost of your foundations, depending upon position of your existing drains and the length of your garden.

FAQ – Can the loo/washbasin/shower be lower than the house drain?

Yes it can, but a special pump is needed to get the waste back to the drain.

Don’t forget that buying a garden building is no different to buying anything else – you get what you pay for. Remember, it’s hard to send a garden office back to the manufacturer, so choose carefully, take your time and ask questions.