Doors and windows for garden builings

Some garden office suppliers provide a choice of window and door size and design. Others supply standard sizes that you can’t vary. You may be perfectly happy with the standards offered or you may want some flexibility. Some points to consider:

garden office doors and windowsDesign: Does your preferred office supplier use standard sized doors and windows or can they be varied in size and style if you want them to be?

Materials: do you have a choice? Are they wood, metal or uPVC? Double glazed or even triple glazed?

Colours: Are the windows and doors a standard colour or do you get a choice?

Flexibility: Can you choose the number of windows and doors. Can the position of them be arranged specifically for your garden and the building’s orientation.

Security: Do the office openings have strong enough locks to satisfy your house insurers?

Guarantees: Do the doors and windows have their own guarantee?

Velux roof windows.

Garden office roof with VeluxesCan your office supplier provide Velux windows in the roof?

Veluxes are useful because they provide a lot of extra light and are good source ventilation  in  small garden offices or other garden buildings:

  • Roof windows provide all-year-round natural light over your desk or drawing board.
  • They provide instant fresh air in summer. Hot air rises, straight out of the roof window. You can leave the window in the vented position when it rains. Air can circulate without rain getting into your building.
  • Veluxes and other brands of roof window are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

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