Have your permitted development rights been removed?

Most suppliers’ websites will tell you that you don’t need to apply for planning permission to have one of their garden rooms installed. This is because of the rules around permitted development. What’s often overlooked is the increasing trend of new houses having their permitted development rights removed.

Permitted Development Rights Removed

Local planning authorities may remove permitted development rights, either through a condition on planning permission or by issuing an “Article 4” direction. New build housing developments are particularly plagued by this issue. Many homeowners aren’t even aware that these restrictions are in place until it’s too late.

Despite any assurances offered by a supplier, planning permission is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner. Be sure to check you have permitted development rights to begin with.

How to Check You Have Permitted Development Rights

The best way to find out if you have permitted development rights is to speak with your local planning authority. Getting planning permission wrong can be a costly mistake so clarity is key. While there’s no substitute for speaking with your local planning department, there are some checks you can do yourself.

Check planning applications for your house

You’ll probably have copies of planning applications in the documents you received when you bought your home. Alternatively, the information is public and usually something you can search online. You may want to make a cup of tea first; they’re not light reading.

Make sure you understand the implications of any condition before you move ahead.

What can I do if my rights have been removed?

Your best bet is probably to submit a regular planning application. Beyond that seek specialist advice to look at your options.


The vast majority of houses do indeed have permitted development rights. It’s always worth double checking with your local planning authority however before spending thousands on a garden room. For more on planning permission, check out our definitive guide.